From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence

From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence


A Small Global Community of Friends & Fellow-Travellers!

The School For Self Inquiry is a learning community of fellow-humans interested in collective exploration into the depths of what it truly means to be a human being, embodying a compassionate conscious presence in our world today. In this small global community of soulmates, we gather without hierarchy or authority, with open hearts and open minds, to delve into the essential questions of our shared existence.

Our mission is simple yet profound:

To facilitate an inner shift from fear-based living to conscious presence.

Staying together in the field of compassionate attention and love rather than in the field of mechanical-repetitive patterns of our personal stories and fears.

Awakening a deeper intelligence of life beyond thought-knowledge and re-discovering our inner resources so that life can be lived with fullness, joy, beauty and harmony.

Together, we embark on a journey of inner transformation, discovering the wholeness, beauty, and sacredness inherent in every moment.

Within the sacred circle of our gatherings, we create a space of deep listening, affection, safety, and trust—a space where conscious presence can flow through meditative self-inquiry, nurturing our souls and whole being.

Our small global community of fellow-seekers would love to welcome you as one of the friends who see the value of such collective gatherings beyond borders and who are passionate about exploring a different way of living. Participation in our community is a gift freely given, supported only by the voluntary contributions of our members. We ask only for your gentle commitment—a commitment to attend at least one residential retreat per year anywhere in Europe/India/Israel/Canada and to join us for four to six online bimonthly community meetings, where together, we continue to deepen our understanding and connected presence. If the call of this continuing friendship resonates within you, if you feel drawn to explore the depths of your being in the company of fellow seekers, you are most welcome to join us. 

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