Insight - Clarity - Peace

Insight - Clarity - Peace


Travelling Retreat in India with Mukesh Gupta


School For Self Inquiry offers a Travelling Retreat to India once or twice in a year only for those people who have attended at least one in-person retreat with Mukesh within the past three years or before the start of this Travelling Retreat. It is in a spirit of a travelling school of fellow-seekers with an open intention of learning and transforming together. The journey is not intended for "tourism" but a relaxed unhurried traveling without rushing from one point to another. The size of the group is kept really small (around 12 only) so that we have an intimate time together going deeply into the fundamental questions of our life. We support and look after each other in a safe, caring, respectful and compassionate way and learn together the art of living and sharing as fellow travelers. 


The journey contains living together two meditative retreats with Mukesh inspired by the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, non-duality and Buddha. The first long retreat will take place in an ashram situated at the foothills of Himalayas in peaceful natural surroundings near Rishikesh facing the sacred river Ganga. The second retreat will take place in Varanasi, an ancient holy city along the majestic river Ganges.  The journey will conclude with a short two-day stay in one of the historical cultural heritages in North India. The daily schedule will be a relaxed one: meditations, inspiring talks, meditative dialogues, self-inquiry sessions, silent walks, yoga, hikes and free time for oneself. For full details about the program and logistics please fill up the form below. 

1 - 19 February 2025 [Registration Open]

A sunrise in the Himalayas
A sunrise in the Himalayas
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