Inner Silence, Awareness, Love & Transformation

Inner Silence, Awareness, Love & Transformation


One-to-One Meditative & Transformative Meeting/Coaching with Mukesh [Online and In-person]

"Truth is in the silent observation of what is, and it is truth that transforms what is. - J. Krishnamurti

Discover The Power of Inner Stillness, Compassionate Presence and Meeting Your True Essence... 

Living is a great art which needs to be learnt with deep interest, sincerity and passion. The art of living requires a mind and heart which are in a state of continuous transformation. In-spite of all the challenges around us, we do have the potential to make the crucial U-turn and to reconnect to our deepest essence and find a deep peace within. Freedom and joy are in discovering your true essence. Your true essence can never be hurt. It is free from any past trauma and suffering. 

One-to-one meetings with Mukesh inspire you to meet life fully and to awaken your true essence in a safe and empowering space. It is a unique opportunity to delve deeper into oneself, pause and meditate, learn to listen and observe from the space of stillness and explore any existential question that you are facing in your life. The basic spirit of these sessions is to work on oneself in a compassionate and meditative presence so that there is an inner shift and a natural opening up of one's deepest essence. It is like embarking on a journey of inner transformation. The duration of the meeting could be from sixty minutes to ninety minutes. Though you can begin with one meeting, it is recommended to have a transformative journey containing 6 to 12 meetings over a sustained period of time. 

  • 1:1 Private Meetings are offered online as well as in-person.
  • It is also possible to offer a special home retreat at your place. Details can be discussed through correspondence. 

Testimonial by Sakina Aubert Preiswerk, a professional certified coach based in Geneva:  

"I have started 1:1 transformative coaching sessions with Mukesh at a time in my life where I needed to have a spiritual friend that could walk with me in the turbulent period I was going through. Although I had been on my spiritual path for a great many years, exploring every horizon possible, I was stuck. Serendipity led me to discover Mukesh's inspiring works and it dawned on me that his empowering gentle presence was the catalyst I needed for my transformative journey. Since then, we have been travelling together through regular 1:1 sessions - on-line and off-line, as well as retreats. His presence, his ability to listen deeply and attentively, our conversations and laughs, the meditative moments we are sharing have been transformative for me. He helped me change how I relate to myself and to life as general, develop self-compassion, slow down, towards greater inner freedom and peace. The regularity of our exchanges are like milestones that I look forward to, to continue on this path of inner freedom. A very deep and luminous "thank you" with all my heart!"

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Anyone who is somewhere on the journey of self-discovery and transformation such as therapists, counsellors, coaches, seekers, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, leaders, activists, change-makers, mindfulness practitioners or any human being who sees the importance of living and working from a higher level of Presence.

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1:1 online meetings are offered on a voluntary contribution basis. Details about the recommended contribution range will be shared with you once you have expressed your wish to go on an individualised transformative journey.

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