Flowering Together in Compassionate Presence

Flowering Together in Compassionate Presence


Interested in organizing a Retreat / Workshop/ Talk or Dialogue?

A Meditative Self-Inquiry Workshop, Retreat or Dialogue is a wonderful opportunity for a deeper learning and self-education where a group of human beings interested in exploring fundamental questions of life come together - it can be for a few hours, a day, a weekend, a full week or more. The size of group does not matter here: it can be of two people, five people, ten people or more. What matters is the quality and sincerity of minds and hearts engaging together with a question. The core spirit of such a retreat or a period of meditative self-inquiry is held together with the following qualities:

1. A deep sense of togetherness or affection, which doesn't depend on whether we know each other or not. In these retreats we work together as co-learners or co-travelers without any hierarchy or authority. The role of facilitator is to initiate the inquiry process and keep gently reminding ourselves the basic intention and the core questions/issues around which we have gathered.

2. A sense of wonder

A quality of wonder and "not-knowingness" is an essential aspect of this self-inquiry. We do not gather in these sessions in order to gain more knowledge or ready-made answers but to see the nature/limitation of any knowledge and realize the beauty and significance of letting go of our attachment, dependence or identification with any tightly held knowledge.

3. A deep quality of listening, observing and attention: We explore in these sessions these three most fundamental qualities which are necessary to bring about a change in our attitude: Listening, Observation and Attention.

4. A deep leisure and inner rest:

One of the basic intentions of such a program is to enter into a meditative space of self-inquiry which is free from any compulsion of achieving or becoming anything so that there is a natural opening up of fundamental problems that confront our daily life in the light of care, affection and attention. In order to participate in such a program we do not require previous knowledge of any teachings or philosophy; what we need is a simple heart and mind which is open to listening, inquiring and wondering and NOT just focusing on a specific result.  

If you are interested in organizing such a talk, seminar or workshop in your place please correspond:

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