Flowering Together in Compassionate Presence

Flowering Together in Compassionate Presence


The Art of Authentic Leadership: Transformational Programs for Organisations, Companies and Universities

  • The most common ways companies and leaders have responded to crises in the past are no longer applicable today. A new paradigm of leadership is required. In companies, organisations, universities…
  • Leading authentically and effectively in today's complex and interrelated world is very challenging, even more challenging than ever.
  • That's why organisations who want to be taken seriously must energise their people to lead in complex environments with extraordinary thought, heart and skill. 

The Art of Authentic Leadership is an interactive and experiential executive program. 

First Introductory Program: 

  • The Art of Listening
  • The Art of Dialogue & Thinking Together
  • The Art of Awareness & Presence
  • The Art of Learning & Creativity 

Second Advanced Program: 

  • The Art of Meditation & Self-inquiry
  • The Art of Meeting a Crisis
  •  The Art of Creating a Safe & Inspiring Space
  • The Art of Transformation 

The program is designed to transform executive leaders from around the world, including consultants, teachers and trainers.    

It includes one’s totality of relationships: relationship with oneself, with others, within a team, within an organisation/company.

There is an important space for a leader’s personal journey of growth, as it affects the overall growth of the company/organisation. 


Our mission is not complicated, it is simple. In this complex world, we facilitate growth in serious, successful people and teams, so they can make a positive shift. The insights enable a shift for themselves, and create a ripple effect on their people, and their teams.

It comes with a higher quality of life, and its seeds spread over all relationships.

Wisdom, presence and compassion including passion can guide you, your thinking can be clear and sharp, your actions wise, and life itself a teacher.

Life as an art, the art of living, creative in all you do: the way you speak, the way you listen, the way you observe, the way you learn, the way you behave, till the way you decide.

We help people understand in a safe way how their beliefs and the environments we operate in can trigger negative, even destructive behaviours. Through simple and practical deep learning, we help people achieve and sustain positive behavioural change.

Program led by

Mukesh Gupta and Ann Engels

School For Self Inquiry