From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence

From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence


Can we explore a totally different kind of education and learning?

Workshops and dialogues for educators and students...

Educators can play a vital role in transforming the present society. A process of shared journey of learning and self-exploration in communion with nature is fundamental to save our beautiful planet. Perhaps the only hope lies with the educators as well as the students provided they together feel the urgency of a change and a different kind of learning which begins with oneself. Educators and students together need to ask this vital question: why are we losing faith in the power of being a human beyond all borders, labels and divisions, in the great strength of love, simplicity and non-violence? In educational workshops we explore such fundamental questions: 

  • Is there a meditative and transformative approach to education?    
  • Can we awaken the flame of attention and compassion in the process of learning together?
  • Can we educate the whole of one's being including the physical, the mental and the spiritual – which means educating both the mind and the heart to walk and work together?    
  • Can we learn with self-motivation, with joy and passion, without introducing the factor of fear and ruthless competition in our education?
  • Can students and teachers have a relationship which is based on mutual trust, a sense of responsibility, understanding, affection and care?    

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"Right education comes with the transformation of ourselves.  We must re-educate ourselves not to kill one another for any cause, however righteous, for any ideology, however promising it may appear to be for the future happiness of the world.  We must learn to be compassionate, to be content with little, and to seek the Supreme, for only then can there be the true salvation of mankind." -  J. Krishnamurti, Education and the Significance of Life 

"Do we feel, both the educator and the educated, do we all see the great importance, the necessity, that each human being, all of us, should grow, and flower - not merely mature physically, but mature deeply, inwardly?  If you don't, then what is the point of it all?  What is the point of your getting educated?  Passing some exams and getting a degree, getting a job, if you're lucky, setting up house - will all that help you, help each human being, each one of you, to blossom?

- J. Krishnamurti, Inward Flowering, Dialogue with Students and Staff, Brockwood Park, England    

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