From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence

From Fear-Based Living to Conscious Presence


Haus Dreiklang, Birnbach, Germany Retreat: 11 - 13 October 2025

Flowering in Wholeness

Villa Sophia

Villa Sophia

Allowing questions to flower is an art; in flowering they open us up to the lively space of silence. A silence, where transformation naturally unfolds. Inspired by the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti, this retreat offers a compassionate environment for meditative self inquiry, facilitated by Mukesh Gupta and Ann Engels. You are warmly welcome to join us during this special 3 day program, which includes live music, silent walks in nature, dialogues, meditative self inquiry as well as full board (vegetarian/vegan) at the beautiful Seminar Centre Haus Dreiklang in the Westerwald region, Germany. Venue: The retreat will take place at the open Seminar Centre ‘Haus Dreiklang in the Westerwald region in Germany, surrounded by a vast woodland area that invites for walks in nature.
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The Annual Retreat in Neckargemünd, Germany: 25 - 27 October 2024.                          Theme: Insight, Clarity & Compassion 

What takes place when the brain, the mind and the body are really quiet and harmonious - when the mind, the body and the heart are completely one?  Then one lives a totally different kind of life. - J. Krishnamurti, The Awakening of Intelligence


The deep intention of the retreat is to facilitate an inner shift from fear-based living to conscious presence and staying together in the field of compassionate attention and love rather than in the field of mechanical-repetitive patterns of thoughts and past stories.

Inspiring live talks, meditative self-inquiry sessions, a simple approach to meditation and learning exercises in small groups.


Schulzengarten 11, 69151 Neckargemünd

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Neckargemünd, Germany

Neckargemünd, Germany

Miltenberg Retreat: 22 - 24 November 2024                                            

Retreat theme: Finding Inner Clarity, Peace & Harmony
The deep meaning of Yoga is to learn and discover a holistic and harmonious way of living. To live life with fullness, depth and joy demands the unity of body, mind and heart. Living is an art which means giving right place to everything and not letting one thing dominate the other. The way we are living now, our past baggage is dominating our body, mind and heart. This is the cause of great suffering and fear in our life. This retreat addresses some of the very basic questions of our daily life: how can we find inner clarity and freedom and let go of the heavy burden of the past?  How to reconnect to our deeper essence and find a source of peace, harmony and compassion within and without? This retreat invites you to meet life fully and to awaken your true essence in a safe and empowering space.
A safe space for deep rest and regeneration for the mind, body and heart that is essential for deep learning and transformation.
The deep intention of the retreat is to awaken a profound source of being within, so that we get inspired to live our everyday life from the wellspring of inner stillness.
Learning about our hidden potentials and tools which can help us to meet ourselves and life in a direct, clear and harmonious way.
Live Cello meditative music and simple Yoga movements may also be part of the program. 
Inspiring live talks, meditative self-inquiry, simple approach to meditation and learning exercises in small groups.
Anyone who is somewhere on the journey of self-discovery and transformation such as Yoga teachers, students, leaders, therapists, counsellors, coaches, artists & change-makers; for anyone who sees the importance of living and working from a higher level of presence.

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