Awakening The Timeless Source Of Wisdom

Awakening The Timeless Source Of Wisdom


Awakening the Timeless Source of Wisdom: Four Retreats in Beaumont-la-Ferrière, France in 2023

“In the light of silence, all problems are dissolved.” J. Krishnamurti


Can we awaken a profound source of wisdom within, a guide and inner compass to navigate the enormous pressures and challenges of modern society? And can that wisdom manifest through our everyday life, actions and relationships? Without the light of inner wisdom, we are on autopilot mechanical mode and unconsciously used by the stories or projections of the ego mind. Once connected to the timeless source of wisdom inside us, we realise the falseness of the repetitive narratives of our ego mind, discover an authentic way of living from the infinite space of the heart and bring peace, harmony and joy in ourselves and in society. This retreat is meant as an attempt to explore, experience and live that deep source within in a spirit of close togetherness.

The retreat will unfold in four stages in the course of the year and explore the following themes:
1st Retreat 22 - 26 March: Pure Awareness

2nd Retreat 17 - 21 May: Deep Listening, Looking & Learning

3rd Retreat 20 - 24 September: Unconditional Love & Compassion

4th Retreat 8 - 12 November: Inner Silence

Every retreat is whole in itself and attending all the four retreats enables the full reach of inner wisdom. However you are free to join in any retreat.

This retreat offers a restful break, a pause for the mind, body and heart that is essential as a foundation for deep learning and transformation. It will provide the condition for creating, all along our journey together, a meditative state of mind essential for a serious inner enquiry.
The intention is not to fill our minds with intellectual knowledge but to awaken the profound source of being within, so that we get inspired to live our everyday life from the wellspring of inner stillness.
One of the main highlights of the retreat is “Meditative Dialogue and Self-inquiry.”
What we learn here is that a deep dialogue is not an intellectual process of discussion or exchange of lot of words where ego-mind is the centre-stage but it can be a compassionate meditative process of self-discovery where words carry the quality of silence and affection as they arise not from the noise of the ego-mind but from a deeper space of wonder and love.

Exercises in a one-to-one setting and small group exchanges.

Meditations and meditative walks in nature.
For those willing to go deeper into the journey of self-discovery and transformation. For anyone who sees the importance of living from a higher level of presence.
It offers a safe, serious and caring space to discover ourselves, meet our deep essence and look at our whole life in a fresh, creative way, whether we are a seeker, a mindfulness practitioner, a coach, a therapist, an artist, a teacher, a professional from any field, a leader, a change-maker, a parent or simply a student of life.
- The art of deep listening, looking and learning.
- The art of meeting life and our true essence through deep inner silence and awareness.
- The art of meeting fears, emotional reactions, sorrows, hurts and traumas in a non- reactive way.
- The flowering of inner peace, confidence, and trust in meeting the unknown A simple and profound approach to meditation in our daily life.
- True love and compassion, inner freedom and the joy of creativeness.
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Story of La Maison, Beaumont-la-Ferrière, France

Dear friends and visitors of La Maison, 

Forms are transient but the spirit is immoveable

Today, we have the great pleasure of acquainting you with important and joyful news. 

After a period of doubt and uncertainty La Maison, which was put on sale by its owner Thibault André, is finally purchased by two friends of ours, Martine and Bruno Guillon, a couple who have for some years been regular visitors to the place, attending several retreats facilitated by Mukesh Gupta. 

A recent visit to Brockwood park made them realise with greater force and clarity the uniqueness of Krishnamurti’s teachings and its particular relevance in to-day’s world - as also the value of all the teachings favouring the awakening of inner awareness in mankind. 

This event saves the place from falling into indifferent hands, and what’s more allows it to carry on with its original purpose for both our friends are already committed either to humanitarian work in the case of Martine, now the volunteer President of an international charitable organisation aiming at providing water and clearing mines in destitute areas of the globe,  or in the case of Bruno whose many activities, focussing on the psychological flowering of people’s inner self, will naturally find a place at Beaumont. 

Both will look after and run the place which will keep its original name and calling, organising retreats, meetings and seminars oriented towards the discovery of nature, yoga, music and creativity, with particular emphasis on activities centered on Krishnamurti’s teachings as shown in the 2023 programme, proposing 4 retreats facilitated by Mukesh Gupta. 

For practicial reasons, Martine and Bruno have called on Christiane’s long experience to help them organise the retreats. She will, in particular, carry on with the translation of the dialogues from English into French. 

We do hope to see many of you come again as friends to La Maison and share deep, essential inner work, in a warm atmosphere of togetherness, allowing this place, which they appreciate and love, to blossom out again.




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