Insight - Clarity - Peace

Insight - Clarity - Peace


ONE DAY INNER WELL-BEING RETREAT. Join us on Sunday, May 12th for a full-day immersion program.


Join us on Sunday, May 12th for a full-day immersion program focusing on resilience and inner peace, self-care, through self-inquiry, self-knowledge and meditative music .
Location: Schilde, Antwerpen

Mukesh Gupta, self-inquiry teacher from Varanasi, India
Ann Engels, transformational coach, and musician, Belgium

Life is a precious gift, and it's important to nurture ourselves and explore our inner world in order to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-awareness. Embrace this opportunity for serenity and wonder - YOU MAY BE SURPRISED BY WHAT YOU DISCOVER IN ONLY ONE DAY!

For whom?
the program is designed for adults who are seeking personal growth, transformation, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their unique place in the world. 
Perhaps you feel a certain fatigue in daily life, or a general discontentment or deep questions arise from your heart?
Whether you are new to these practices or have experience with them, you are welcome to join us for this immersive program. 


mainly in English, some translation to Dutch can be provided.

Your contribution:

early booking 30% discount offer: 90,00 euros (till 10th of April incl.)
from April 11th: 117,00 euros
Vegetarian Potluck Lunch

Are you ready to join us? 
As of now, reserve your spot in advance.
Limited number of places available! 

This retreat is just one event in a series of many more throughout the year in Europe, India and online. If our approach speaks to you, you can become part of a caring and supportive self-inquiring community.
We offer retreats, coaching, workshops, weekends, online gatherings... 


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