Inner Silence, Awareness, Love & Transformation

Inner Silence, Awareness, Love & Transformation


The Yoga Vidya Speyer, Germany Retreat: 14 - 15 October 2023

The Annual Speyer Retreat in Germany will take place from 14 - 15 October 2023. 


The retreat provides a restful break, a pause for the mind, body and heart that is essential for deep learning and transformation. 

The deep intention of the retreat is to awaken the profound source of being within, so that we get inspired to live our everyday life from the wellspring of inner stillness.

Inspiring live talks, meditative self-inquiry sessions, a simple approach to meditation and learning exercises in small groups.

The retreat is facilitated by Mukesh Gupta, an international travelling teacher from India and the founder of School For Self Inquiry


St.-German-Straße 1, 67346 Speyer

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Yoga Vidya Speyer
Yoga Vidya Speyer
The Yoga Vidya Speyer Retreat
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