Journey of Inner Transformation

Journey of Inner Transformation


Meditative Self-inquiry Retreat in Klil, Israel: 22 - 26 March 2022

A deep exploration Residential Retreat with Mukesh Gupta  is scheduled at Mashiv Nefesh, Klil from 22 - 26 March 2022.                      
The theme of this retreat is:

Inner Flowering and Transformation

"Every thought and feeling must flower for them to live and die; flowering of everything in you, the ambition, the greed, the hate, the joy, the passion; in the flowering there is their death and freedom.  It is only in freedom that anything can flourish, not in suppression, in control and discipline; these only pervert, corrupt. Flowering and freedom is goodness and all virtue."                                                             -J. Krishnamurti
Venue: MASHIV NEFESH, Klil, Southeast of Nahariya, Western Galilee.
For details and registration write to Susanne:
Email: [email protected]
טלפון 054-540-5047

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