Discovering The Essence of Life

Discovering The Essence of Life


Meditative Self-inquiry Retreat in Clil, Israel: 27 - 29 October 2022

Discovering the Essence of Life

A Special Retreat Inspired by J. Krishnamurti

“It seems to me essential to find out the essence of life, and to function from there. We are going to discover for ourselves the essence, the truth, and not be caught in the symbol or the word. " - J. Krishnamurti, The Nature of the New Mind

What are we seeking in life? Do we feel any deep meaning in the way we live our daily life? Have we lost touch with something simple, vibrant and beautiful? Have we stopped growing inwardly? Do we feel a kind of stagnation in our life, work and relationships? As human beings perhaps we all are seeking a deep meaning in life and to live with joy, peace, creativity and love. Only when we come in contact with our true essence, our inner song, we start to live life with fullness. When we are living mostly driven by our past stories and the baggage, life becomes heavy, monotonous and a field of suffering for oneself and people around us. Stepping out of this conditioned field of the past is essential to discover the true freedom, love and the essence of life. Learning about oneself through compassionate non-judgmental self-inquiry and holistic deep awareness is the ground for inner transformation.

This retreat offers a precious opportunity to go on a journey of self-knowledge, inner transformation and discovering the true essence of life. In this retreat we would meditate upon many such questions: What is the fundamental problem of our life? What are the tools for exploration and discovery? What is awareness in action? How can we learn and grow through our relationships? What is love? What is compassion? What is the cause of suffering? What is freedom? What is creativity, beauty and joy? What is true meditation and self-knowing?

The retreat will include: Inspiring live introductory talks, meditative dialogues and self-inquiry sessions. Questions and answers. Exercises in small groups and pairs, one-to-one sessions and guided meditations.

Venue: MASHIV NEFESH, Klil, Southeast of Nahariya, Western Galilee.

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